Imagen 1. Rocas de la hoz del Huecar

At Geodiscover, we focus on research as the main axis of our work. We believe that it is essential to collaborate to move forward the scientific knowledge of the environment around us and also to investigate how to teach it from an educational field.

Having a natural heritage of such caliber and importance as that we have in the province of Cuenca implies a great responsibility, since it is necessary to invest efforts in its research, management and development, in order to finally spread it and make it available to society.

"Of course we have to make a profit, but it has to be long-term, not just in the short-term, and that means we must continue to invest in research and development." – Akio Morita

We work in several fields of knowledge with many Spanish universities of prestige and groups of local action in Cuenca. Our main lines of research are:

  • Palaeontological Heritage of Cuenca:: we study mainly the ecosystems of dinosaurs that existed in our province about 125 million years ago.
  • Geological Heritage of Cuenca: we reconstruct the geological history of rocks and sediments that we can see today to find out, among other things, how old they are, how the environments that formed them were and which changes the have suffered throughout all this time.
  • Geological Risks: we carry out studies to try to quantify and estimate possible geological risks that may affect the population.
  • Didactics of the Sciences: for us it is essential to analyze how we can transmit in a more effective and enjoyable way the knowledge of the natural environment of Cuenca in the educational field, besides promoting with different initiatives a greater interest in Science.

We collaborate with: