Imagen 1. Rocas de la hoz del Huecar

Venture with us on our exciting nature routes adapted for all audiences. We will discover, learn and have fun… even the smallest of the family!

All tours are also available with special prices for schools, highschools and groups.

Discounts for girls and boys up to 12 years.
Discounts for groups of more than 8 people.

Route 1: Cuenca Gorges

Immerse yourself in a sea of millions of years ago!

Through this route we immerse ourselves in the history of a sea that millions of years ago flooded these landscapes and gave rise to the great reliefs of limestone that now form the Hoz of the river Júcar and the Hoz of the river Huécar, where the City of Cuenca is situated.

Place: Cuenca, Huécar river Gorge, Júcar river Gorge.

Diffculty: Medium-Low.

Duration: 2 hours.

We will go through hidden corners discovering the organisms that inhabited the seabed, now they are fossils that are part of the rocks!

Route 2: Land of Dinosaurs

Do you dare to visit the places where the dinosaurs of Cuenca lived?

Ride with us the highlights of the Route of the Dinosaurs. We will enter the natural environment of Cuenca to discover its best kept secrets, visit replicas of great dinosaurs and much more.

Place: Fuentes, Cañada del Hoyo, La Cierva, Cuenca Serrania.

Diffculty: Low.

Duration: Half Day.

Accompanied by expert paleontologists you can learn yourself how to work with fossils as exceptional as those of Cuenca, take note!

Route 3: Magic Labyrinths

Take your map and your expertise so you do not get lost in this exciting tour!

Impossible reliefs, suggestive shapes, unknown paths. Discover how this natural rock labyrinth has been formed along millions of years of history, in which we can also perceive examples of truly incredible flora and fauna.

Place: Las Majadas, Cuenca Serrania.

Diffculty: Low.

Duration: Half Day.

The boldest ones will have a map as help and a parchment to figure out the enigma of this maze, do you dare?

Route 4: The Great Extinction

Why do trilobites, dinosaurs and other animals disappear from Earth?

He knows firsthand the evidence of the great extinctions that have taken place throughout the history of the Earth. Now we can see what signs have left in the natural environment of Cuenca.

Place: Pajaroncillo, Boniches, Cañete, Cuenca Serrania.

Diffculty: Medium.

Duration: All day + Typical lunch included.

Discover incredible landscapes that reveal an exciting history of millions of years ago!

Route 5: Secret route!

Do you fancy discovering the most impressive landscapes and the most hidden natural corners of Cuenca?

Let yourself be surprised and guided by us, you put the desire and we will take you to incredible places. Do not worry about choosing one route or another, we will take care of you and guarantee that you will be surprised with the route.

Place: ¡Surprise!

Diffculty: To choose.

Duration: All day + Typical lunch included.

The best choice for indecisive discoverers! Awesome and alternative routes for all tastes.

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