Imagen 1. Rocas de la hoz del Huecar

There is nothing better than learning while having fun!

In all our workshops we have a dynamic and participative program, which encourages group work and values as important as solidarity, cooperation, respect and tolerance.

Through these activities we seek to motivate all those who participate in them to increase curiosity and interest in the world and the things that surround us, from a scientific point of view; to feel the duty to protect and care for the natural environment.

Terra Mobilis 2019

Programa de Educación Ambiental en la provincia de Cuenca

Terra Mobilis es un Programa de Educación Ambiental promovido por la Dirección Provincial de Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Rural de Cuenca. El Programa está dirigido a centros docentes no universitarios, ayuntamientos y asociaciones.


Terra Mobilis 2019 tiene como objetivo principal que las personas participantes adquieran diferentes actitudes y aptitudes proambientales.

A través de una serie de exposiciones itinerantes de temática ambiental y a través del desarrollo de actividades de educación y sensibilización ambiental vinculados a cada exposición, se pretende acercar a la comunidad educativa y a la sociedad en general una serie de temas de actualidad ligados al medio ambiente de nuestra región.

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Dinosaurs of Cuenca

Do you know what Paleontology is?

Learn in a fun way through our workshops the scientific importance of Cuenca. We are known all over the world because of our dinosaurs!

Through this route we’ll immerse ourselves in the history of a sea that millions of years ago flooded these landscapes and gave rise to the great reliefs of limestone rock that now form the Hoz of the river Júcar and the Hoz of the river Huécar, where the City of Cuenca is situated.

Duration: 2 hours.

Booking or doubts: / +34 688 99 38 38

Cristals and Minerals

Do you know what a crystal is? And a mineral?

Learn in a fun way through our workshops what crystals and minerals are through experiments and games that we will develop in the classroom.

Let us show you the great diversity of the mineral world.

Along our daily routine we use a huge number of minerals and crystals in objects that we use every day, did you know it?

Duration: 2 hours.

Booking or doubts: / +34 688 99 38 38

Science in Action

Do you like science?

Learn in a fun way through our workshops what Science is. We will carry out experiments and games that will turn you into small professionals.

Come to know by yourself with professional scientists how we can decipher enigmas through scientific knowledge.

Take your notebook and pencil and do not miss anything!

Duration: 2 hours.

Booking or doubts: / +34 688 99 38 38

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